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9 Secrets You Won’t Believe You Can Order at Chipotle

5. Fresh Cilantro


You can add fresh cilantro to anything you order at Chipotle by just asking for it. It’s free!

6. Double Tortilla

If you’re the type that loves a good warm, doughy tortilla, then you may be pleased to know you can order your burritos with a second tortilla wrapped around the outside for a thicker casing.

7. Burritodilla


Similar to both the standard quesadilla and the fancy Quesarito, the Burritodilla sits in between in how much food it is. It’s a quesadilla with half the amount of fillings of a standard burrito.

If the server isn’t familiar, ask for a quesadilla with cheese on one half. Then order what toppings you want on top of the cheese for the burrito portion, but make sure that it only gets half the typical amount. Then ask for more cheese on top of those fillings. They then fold it in half and heat it up, and you have your Burritodilla.

8. Loaded Nachos


Nachos! Who doesn’t love ’em? A bowl of tortilla chips smothered in whatever meat, veggies, salsas, cheese, sour cream, or guacamole you may desire.

9. Taco-in-a-Burrito

One of the cool things about Chipotle is that they’ll make anything you can come up with, as long as it uses what’s available to them. So you could do something like, order a soft-shelled steak taco, and then have that rolled inside a chicken burrito. Even better, you could order a quesadilla using the smaller soft-shell taco tortilla, ask them to roll it into a tube, and after it’s heated, get that wrapped inside a burrito of your choosing! And the green grass grew all around, all around…