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9 Secrets You Won’t Believe You Can Order at Chipotle

Chipotle isn’t immune to having a secret menu. Some of the items are near-common knowledge, while others are much more secret. If you order something that takes a lot of preparation work or time, try to be courteous and keep the length of the line in mind, and you might also want to consider tipping!

1. Quesorito

Chipotle Secret Menu - The Quesarito

The secret menu item for which Chipotle is most famous—it’s a burrito wrapped in a gooey, cheesy quesadilla. Need I say more?

There are two ways that this is prepared: either with one tortilla or two. The classic is with two; a quesadilla is prepared, cooked, and then opened back up. A burrito is placed inside and it gets rolled up.

With one, a quesadilla is made, cooked, and opened up, and then filled with the burrito goods. In effect being a burrito with a layer of melty cheese encasing everything, without the extra tortilla getting in the way.


These take a while to make, and when the place is packed, it might be wise to be mindful of that, or at least to tip nicely for the extra prep work and time. It’s usually rung up as a burrito and a quesadilla, so it can be a bit pricey. Make sure you’re hungry!

2. Quesadilla


The quesadilla was only just added to Chipotle’s actual menu, but it’s only on the kid’s menu (which uses a smaller tortilla). You can get a standard size quesadilla by just asking for one. Ask for whatever type of meat, veggies, tofu, or pico you want aside from the cheese, and they’ll make it for you.

For a Philly-inspired twist, order a steak quesadilla with fajita vegetables on it. Mmmm.

3. Solo Taco


Lonesome tacos aren’t just for kids at Chipotle anymore. If you’re feeling just a tad peckish, you can order just one taco (soft or hard shelled) with whatever regular taco fillings you want.

4. More Taco Bang For Your Buck

Chipotle’s tacos are delicious, but they aren’t the most cost-efficient or filling thing on the menu. An employee of Chipotle suggested an awesome idea: order a burrito bowl with whatever fillings you’d like in your tacos, and then get the small taco tortillas on the side. You can then fill your own tacos, and save what’s left!

You can do the same thing with burritos, too. Just make sure to order extra meat and all the salsas you want. You should have enough for two burritos and have it be a tad cheaper, at the cost of having to stuff and roll it yourself.