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17 Stars Who Love Starbucks—Wolverine Gets Soy Milk?

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar


Oh yes, Buffy seems to like her some Starbucks.


Double fisting two venti iced dirty soy chai lattes. The “dirty” just means that a shot of espresso was added. “Double dirty,” would get you two shots. It’s Sarah Michelle’s drink of choice.


When not double fisting drinks, she has a tendency to fill the other arm with a small child.

8. Bill Clinton


Bill is a predictable Starbucks drinker. In the winter, he gets a decaff coffee–probably because of the heart issues. Oh, and he’s become a vegan, so he probably opts for soy milk in his decaf coffee, if he gets any milk. And in the summer, he’ll switch to a refreshing venti iced passion tea.

Once in a while he’ll order something else; he’s requested tall nonfat cappuccinos before. Those are obviously caffeinated, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he was picking something up for Hil.

9. Demi Lovato


Lovatics may be interested to know that one of Demi’s more frequent orders is the cinnamon dolce latte.

10. Taylor Swift


Taylor has openly professed her love for Starbucks coffee. Like Bill Clinton, Taylor Swift will also switch between a hot and a cold drink. When she wants something to warm her up, she goes for the skinny vanilla latte. When she’d rather have something cold, Taylor gets an iced caramel latte.


Taylor doesn’t stay faithful to Starbucks, though. Remember the famous maple lattes she got with Jake Gyllenhaal in Brooklyn during Thanksgiving? They came from Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee, and were made with real maple syrup! Sounds delicious.

11. Ben Affleck


Like Derek Jeter, Ben occasionally uses an alternate name to order his drinks. He’s been known to order a grande nonfat vanilla latte using the name “Spencer,” before. He sometimes gets venti iced coffees when he wants something cold.

12. Heidi Klum


Heidi is known to frequent Starbucks more than just a little bit. She’s hard to miss—she often brings her flock of children with her (who also get drinks). Heidi likes soy lattes and frappuccinos ordered with whipped cream. She doesn’t skimp on the fat!