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25 Leaked Superbowl Commercials for 2014—Butt Rainbows?

7. Volkswagen

Volkswagen released a preview not long before their actual commercial was leaked.

Preview: German Engineers Know How To Optimize

Commercial: How German Engineers Get Their Wings

Yup. Butt rainbows.

8. Dannon Oikos

Full House mini-reunion!

9. Chobani

Gotta love bears.

10. H&M

David Beckham appears in what supposedly will be the Super Bowl’s only retail advertisement. And people got to vote whether they want him in underwear, or naked but obscured by an object. We think the covered version is actually more revealing.

11. Cheerios

Cheerios got a lot of racist backlash last year on the internet after airing an ad featuring an interracial couple. This year’s commercial features the same adorable family. Love.

This year’s commercial:

Last year’s:

12. Ford

Ford‘s commercial will air after the coin toss.

13. Axe Body Spray

Well, coming from Axe–that was unexpected. We like it.