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Beyoncé Releases New Surprise Visual Album on Taylor Swift’s Birthday

Beyoncé came out of nowhere and released an entire album with 14 songs and 17 videos, without any marketing hype, leaks, or interviews. She just did it. Bam.


Beyoncé has said she was tired of how her albums were being marketed, and she was over how the music industry puts the emphasis on hyping a single at the expense of the album as a listening experience or an event.


She released it on a day when some other things were happening, but they received much less attention due to Beyoncé’s new album. The internet was pretty much like:

And only had that energy for The Queen alone.

Lorde released her own surprise in the form of a single the same night, only a few hours after Beyoncé’s big reveal.


We doubt Lorde really minds being upstaged by Beyoncé, because as she said in a past interview, “Oh. I would rather be the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z. Because, if Beyoncé is your mom? No words.” This was in response to a question asking Lorde whether she’d rather have Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé as a mom. How is that even a question for anyone? Oh, maybe because one of those comes with being on a reality television show, which is probably desirable to some (crazy) people? Whatever.

Oh, and it was Taylor Swift’s birthday.


Tee hee.

Beyoncé did not hype the album at all, which is in stark contrast to Lady Gaga’s constant hyping of Art Pop. And Beyoncé did the whole entire-album-as-a-visual-experience thing.


Gaga wishes she came up with that.

Today, Apple announced that Beyoncé new self-titled album was the fastest-selling album in the history of iTunes.

It sold over 828,000 digital copies in only 3 days and hit number one in over 100 countries. Taylor Swift’s Red held the previous record, selling 465,000 in a full week. This is Beyoncé’s fifth consecutive studio album to debut at number one—a first for any female artist. Beyoncé is also the biggest album debut since Taylor Swift’s Red back in 2012. Billboard reports her selling 617,213 in the first tracking week. She totally eclipsed Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga’s 2013 first-week album sales–all of which were under 300,000.

beyonce sweep

Katy Perry is all about Beyoncé, though.

And it hasn’t even been a true week–Taylor Swift’s Red had a full seven days. Tracking weeks are based on a Monday-Sunday sales performance. Going by tracking weeks, Beyoncé is only behind Lady Gaga’s Born This Way in digital sales, which sold just over 650,000 copies. It’s important to keep in mind that Gaga also sold her album on Amazon, which had a special sale selling her entire set for only 99 cents for two days during the debut-week. nearly 450,000 sales came from Amazon.

Check out the track list for Beyoncé:


The album has received wide critical acclaim due to its presentation, experimental style, social messages, and art direction.

Here’s the iTunes link.