15 Mind Blowing Roller Coasters—Underwater Tunnels & World Record Holders

1. Thunder Dolphin


The deftly named Thunder Dolphin in Tokyo jumps through a hole in a building and through the center of the world’s first center-less Ferris wheel. Its maximum speed is approximately 80 miles per hour and its unique course takes riders much closer to buildings than most other roller coasters. It is currently the sixth tallest complete-circuit coaster.

The Thunder Dolphin was closed for 2 and a half years until it reopened in August 2013. Back in late 2010, a bolt had fallen from the coaster while a ride was in progress. It injured a 9-year old and the coaster was closed until recently.

2. Formula Rossa


The Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi is the fastest roller coaster in the world, reaching speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. It hits top speed in only 5 seconds. That’s quite a bit of pickup.

The track is located in the Ferrari World Theme Park and is designed to have a similar aesthetic to the famous Italian race course Autodromo Nazionale Monza near Milan. Riders on this roller coaster are required to wear safety glasses to prevent injury due to colliding with random things in the air like insects. Splat!

3. Kingda Ka


Kingda Ka looks intimidating. And it is. It was previously the world’s fastest roller coaster before being usurped by the Formula Rossa. Six Flags Great Adventure’s Kingda Ka in New Jersey holds on to the records for world’s tallest roller coaster, world’s fastest roller coaster drop, world’s tallest roller coaster drop, and world’s tallest complete circuit roller coaster.

The ride is over in under 30 seconds, and starts off by shooting riders up the huge climb. The train then turns and begins to drop from over 450 feet into a spiral. Riders can experience a weightless sensation as the train climbs a hill after the descent. The ride sometimes has problems with rollbacks, which is when a cart fails to make it up the steep incline and rolls back towards the station. This is expected and isn’t a rare occurrence. Not dangerous, so no need to panic if you witness that while waiting on the massive line.

It was once struck by lightning in 2009 (not while operating), and the ride won’t always operate when the park is open due to weather conditions. One of the only ride-related injuries occurred in 2012 when a boy was hospitalized after being struck by a bird while on the ride. The injuries were only minor, thankfully. We’re not sure about the bird, though. Yikes.

Kingda Ka is very similar in design to Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster, which held all of the same records before Kinda Ka came along.

4. Bizarro / Millennium force


The Bizarro at Six Flags New England has been ranked as the best steel roller coaster in the world multiple times by both the Golden Ticket Awards and the Mitch Hawker Poll. The coaster was previously known as Superman: Ride of Steel, but has been re-themed as a Bizarro roller coaster. It frequently exchanges the number one spot each year with the Millennium Force, a similar roller coaster at Cedar Point, Ohio.


Millennium Force in Ohio, of similar design, broke many records when it first opened back in 2000.

5. Takabisha


Takabisha is the world’s steepest roller coaster, with its highest drop having an angle of 121 degrees. Located in Japan’s famous Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park (the same park that houses the Eejanaika), riders can get an excellent view of Mount Fuji while riding the Takabisha.