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31 Leaked Black Friday Deals for 2013—Thanksgiving Has Been Eaten!!!

Many stores are opening during the evening of Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving is officially being eaten by Black Friday. We’ve picked out some of the better door buster deals from popular stores which have been leaked (most of the “leaking” has been intentional and caused by the retailers).

This year, please keep in mind that many stores require all of their employees to be at work during this holiday weekend without exceptions. That means people who normally travel to see family on Thanksgiving when everyone is off from work might either lose their jobs or not be able to attend. Stores opening at 5 or 6 PM on Thanksgiving (isn’t that turkey time for most people?) has its consequences for the workers.

Thankfully, this year some retailers (in response to backlash) are compensating their workers with overtime pay. But please do be extra kind to the employees you interact with during this year’s shopping spree. And please be sure to take care of yourselves! It can be dangerous out there.

On to the sales! Tech deals, video games, toys, clothing & apparel, housewares, sporting equipment, appliances, and more!

Tech Deals

For 2013 there are excellent deals on all types of smart phones, tablets, laptops, HDTVs, computers, and more. Walmart and Target have similar deals on the new iPhones where they give you gift cards when you buy a phone and sign up for a contract. Walmart seems to have the better deal. Check them out!

1. Apple Products Sale at Best Buy


Apple products make many giddy, and these deals are pretty good, considering that new apple products don’t go on sale very often. For iPhones, you can sign up for a two-year contract and get either a 5c for just under 50, or an iPhone 4S for free.

New iPad Airs are even on sale, and you can save up to 70 dollars. The $150 off MacBook Pros (the kind with a retina display) is also a welcome deal.

Finally, the 15% off iTunes card is an excellent deal if you buy your music on iTunes. Instead of using a credit or debit card, you can use the iTunes store card for $100 worth of iTunes music/video (even stuff that goes on sale in the iTunes store) and pay less than you normally would.

2. Apple Products Sale at Target


Target has a deal on the new iPhone 5S where it’s discounted to $179.99 and you get a Target gift card worth 30 dollars (both of these only if you sign up for the contract). Not bad!

Even better is their deal on the new iPad Air. If you buy one for $479, you get a Target gift card worth $100. Assuming you’re going to buy other things at Target, that deal trumps Best Buy’s.

3. iPhone Deals at Walmart


Walmart is doing something similar to Target with the gift cards. You can get a Walmart gift card worth $75 when you sign up for a contract and purchase an iPhone 5C or 5S. For the budget-friendly 5C which will be on sale for $45, that means they’re almost paying you buy one. Granted, the contract and the Walmart-specific gift card means that isn’t the real truth, but it’s still a good deal.

4. Smart Phone Discounts at Walmart


Not an Apple fan? Not a problem. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is on sale for about a hundred dollars, and there’s a special offer that gives you up to a $100 Walmart gift card when you buy certain smart phones (and sign up for the contract). Apple phones are excluded from this promotion.

5. Kindle Fire HD Half-off at Best Buy


This deal speaks for itself. And don’t forget to note that sweet Samsung Galaxy S4 deal. Free with a two-year contract!

6. iPad 2 & HDTVs Deals at Best Buy


The older iPad 2 is on sale at Best Buy. It’s still a solid product; I’m using mine! And those HDTV sales come with free delivery.