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17 Celebrities Who Clashed with Paparazzi—Umbrella Assaults and Smashed Cameras

6. Nicole Richie


While on the way to the gym, Nicole was being followed and pestered by paparazzi. Deciding that the best course of action would be to try and ward them away, she took the cap off of her water bottle and started dousing them with water. She punctuated that display by throwing the empty water bottle at one of them.

7. Kanye West


Kanye has had more clashes with the paparazzi than most. Most recently was an incident that occurred at LAX. Photos were snapped of West grabbing a camera from a paparazzo and shoving him to the ground. West later explained to paparazzi while pumping gas, that that was the day he found out about his grandfather’s failing health.

The guy had chosen the wrong time to antagonize him, and West claims the paparazzo hammed up the clash, as he purposefully fell. West denies striking him or wrestling him to the ground. He’s currently faced with charges of battery and attempted grand theft.

Kanye has said that he will press charges against paparazzi who allegedly trespassed on his property. A video circulated which shows paparazzi pestering Kanye West in his garage at 4 A.M., and West has stated that his security footage shows the paparazzi trespassing. This trespassing occurred when his feud with Jimmy Kimmel was at its peak. The paparazzi bombarded him with questions, while Kanye calls them “blood sucking mosquitos.” Sounds about right. Check out the video below!

There are many times where Kanye has grabbed a camera or put his hand over the lenses. He usually requests the same thing: “Don’t talk to me; don’t ask me questions.” Seems simple enough, but we suppose antagonizing him creates more dramatic situations for the paparazzi to benefit from.

Kanye doesn’t have only hate for the paparazzi; he has recognized that they help him and Kim, but he wishes that they could have a mutually respectful relationship. While in France, he was seen thanking French paparazzi for being more laid-back and for not antagonizing him like American paparazzi have done.

He said “Don’t ask questions; just take the video. Don’t do like the LA, like, I like how you guys move out here. You guys have total respect for yourselves. I respect that you’re photographing and you also take time off. Like, at 8 o’clock, you’re not at peoples’ houses. I just really appreciate and respect that. I understand that you have to make a living. So, let me shake your hand, I appreciate that.” He shook the guy’s hand.

8. Miley Cyrus


Miley has had a mixed history with the paparazzi. She has occasionally been very friendly and polite with them—she’s even given a few the thumbs up! But that cheery demeanor isn’t always present. She allegedly attacked a paparazzo a while back after she was coming out of the gym from a workout. She accused him of taking a photo of her without her permission, and tried to get his camera from him.

Miley has also turned her camera at paparazzi and uploaded the videos to YouTube, where she tells her stories about them parking in disability-reserved spots to jump out and run after her while snapping shots. She’s also said that they and their reckless driving are responsible for the deaths of some of her past dogs.

Recently while staying at a hotel, when asked by a photographer if she was pregnant, Miley gave a wonderfully elegant retort.


Oh, and there was that time on Twitter when Miley posted to her legion of fans asking them to ram a paparazzo off the road. Scary.

9. Hugh Grant


Hugh has been involved in more than a couple attacks on paparazzi. Back in 2007, he was arrested for kicking and throwing some baked beans at a paparazzo in London. The charges were dropped, and two years later he allegedly delivered a swift kick to the groin of a paparazzo from TMZ in New York City. Ouch.

In 2011, Hugh and the mother of his baby won a lawsuit in Britain that prevented photo agencies from pursuing and stalking the mother of his new baby.