7 Worst Things About The Government Shutdown

4. Disability benefit applications will close.

The Social Security Administration will be unable to hold any hearings for those newly applying for disability benefits. They will have to wait for the government to get its act together. Assuming they are able to wait, that is. The appeal-system for veterans appealing a disability-benefits-related decision will also close.

5. Veteran disability benefits and pension payments will not be distributed if the shutdown goes for more than two or three weeks.

Veterans Affairs has reported that they will not have enough money to continuing paying veterans’ disability and pension payments if the shutdown lasts for more than two or three weeks total. We’re currently on week two. More than 3 million veterans receive these benefits, and many depend solely on them to get by. Many have raised the concern that they did not have enough time to prepare.

6. Head Start programs for children from low-income families will begin to close.

head start
Head Start programs have been providing education and health services to around a million children from low-income families. Programs are starting to close as many of their funding contracts are expiring and are unable to be renewed. On Friday in South Carolina, Pre-K services for nearly a thousand children were cancelled until their funding can be reinstated. More programs will continue to shut down as the government shutdown goes on.

7. Millions of federal workers could be delayed in getting their paychecks.

As the shutdown persists, federal employees who don’t work for an agency with independent funding (the Post Office) will have to wait to receive their paychecks. Not everyone in the country can handle going without a paycheck for two weeks or more, especially without more planning.