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11 of Taylor Swift’s Exes & The Songs She Wrote About Them

5. Taylor Lautner

Ah, Taylor Squared. From August of 09 until December of that same year, the two Taylors were spotted at various locations. There are numerous pictures of them kissing. It’s rumored that Swift broke up with team Jacob because he was more into her than she was into him, and the two decided to remain friends.

Back To December is the song most likely to be about Lautner, as she mentions that the boy she’s singing about has tan skin and a sweet smile. And for what is likely a first, Swift apologizes to the guy for a rough night. She was the one doing the dumping in this relationship, so that makes the song’s context seem more likely. Oh, and the secret message in the album booklet (where she capitalizes certain letters in order) spells out “TAY”.

4. Joe Jonas

This was the first high-profile relationship for Taylor. She also has explicitly stated that the song “Forever And Always,” is about Joe. The title is obviously tongue-in-cheek, and it’s got rather scathing lines such as “Was I out of line did I say something way too honest/That made you run and hide like a scared little boy.” She recorded the song as a last-minute addition to her album that was ready to be released. Joe broke up with her over a 27-second phone call, so you can see why she was still ticked off.

Last Kiss is also likely about Jonas, as the secret message spells out “FOREVER AND ALWAYS,” the song about him. Check out her interview with Ellen DeGeneres on the topic below! Oh, and notice how the audience boos? Joe, you messed up.

3. Brandon Borello

A non-famous guy Taylor dated; they ended their relationship as he was going away to college. Taylor wrote the song Tim McGraw about Brandon as something for him to remember her.

2. Drew Hardwick

Another non-famous guy, this one wasn’t her boyfriend, but someone she had a crush on. He never realized her infatuation at the time. Swift wrote Teardrops on My Guitar about someone who she was close but remained out-of-reach. That guy was Drew. Two years after the song was released, he went to Taylor’s house to ask her out on a date. Taylor turned him down, as she thought it was sweet but far too late. Tough break, Drew!

1. Sam Armstrong

Another guy from high school, Sam is the guy who she broke up with because he cheated on her. She wrote Should’ve Said No about him. Way to go, Sam! “Now everyone knows,” indeed, Taylor.