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11 of Taylor Swift’s Exes & The Songs She Wrote About Them

11. Harry Styles

It was rumored that Taylor had a brief fling with One Direction’s Harry styles in the Spring of 2012. She wrote I Knew You Were Trouble shortly after that, and has since hinted in her recent VMA acceptance nod that it is about Styles. The pair became a couple in December of 2012 and “Haylor,” became a media spectacle. They stayed together for about a year before breaking up, putting an end to their tumultuous relationship.

10. Conor Kennedy

From the summer of 2012 until the fall of that same year, Taylor had a brief relationship with Conor Kennedy (of the Kennedy political family). It is rumored she wrote Begin Again about him, as they were dating when she wrote the song. Swift even told Ryan Seacrest in an interview that it’s about going on your first date after the end of a bad relationship. The lyric “I can wear heels now,” is telling, because Conor stands tall at 6’2. Also seems like a jab at the last shorty she dated.

It’s likely she also wrote Everything Has Changed about Kennedy. The lyrics “Green eyes & freckles,” and the secret message for the song being “HYANNIS PORT” seem to make it blatantly obvious who the song is about.

9. Zac Efron

This pairing has never been official and the rumors are stll just rumors. It was speculated that Swift started dating Efron after they filmed The Lorax together. The two are close friends, and responded to the rumors by singing a duet together on Ellen. Check it out below!

8. Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor had a short-lived romance with heart-throb Jake Gyllenhaal during the end of 2010. The pair were spotted out together grabbing maple lattes and holding hands, and were even seen in the company of Jake’s mom. Swift is rumored to have written a number of her songs about Gyllenhaal. The most obvious is “All Too Well,” as she talks about hanging out at Maggie’s house (Gyllenhaal’s sister is named Maggie). Also, the secret message encoded in the album booklet for the song is “MAPLE LATTES”. Obvious.

The Last Time describes an on-again-off-again relationship and is widely believed to be talking about her relationship with Jake. State of Grace talks about similar concepts, and refences ” twin fire signs, four blue eyes.” Gyllenhaal and Swift both have blue eyes and share Sagittarius as their Zodiac sign.

Likewise, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together describes similar, and is also thought to be about Gyllenhaal. The lyric where she says “an indie record much cooler than I,” definitely hints strongly at Gyllenhaal, as he dated Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley and was seen at the indie music festival Coachella.

And yet another song about Jake is likely The Moment I Knew, where she talks about waiting for a guy to show up to her birthday, but then he doesn’t, and she knows it’s over even though he apologizes. The two broke up around Taylor’s birthday.

7. Cory Monteith

This is another rumor, but a rumor that is accompanied by a lot of blushing. It is believed these two good friends actually dated during the spring of 2010, and that Mine is about Cory (although it is also possible that it’s actually about the guy who starred in the video and dated Swift).

When interviewed by Ellen Degeneres, Taylor went through a list of guys and kept saying “we never dated,” until Cory’s picture came up. Swift went silent, turned bright red, and covered her face in her hands. Seems like a tell, to me. Watch the interview below!

6. John Mayer

Swift dated Mayer during the winter season of 09-10. Ours and Superman are rumored to have been written about Mayer during their time together. Much more memorable and obvious is the song Dear John that Taylor wrote about their breakup. It includes the line “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with/The girl in the dress cried the whole way home/I should’ve known.” Swift was 19 when she dated Mayer, who was in his early thirties at the time.