15 Babies Eating Sour Foods for the First Time—Reaction Videos

Babies are awfully adorable when they’re puckering from their first encounter with a sour flavor. What’s always amazing to me when I see a new reaction, is that I’d expect tears judging by the faces and motions they make, and yet most of them always go back for seconds. It’s like they can’t believe what they tasted the first time. Excellence and hilarity.

1. Baby Lala

Case in point: baby Lala. She tries the lemon not once, not twice, but FOUR times. And when her mom takes it away? She lets out a cry, and grabs it back when offered. And you know what’s great? At that point, she makes the face without even putting it in her mouth.

2. Baby Love

Another baby with a fascination for the sour.

3. Baby Cole

Dat face.

4. Baby Lemon Face

Another baby who reacts appropriately (after trying it twice, for whatever reason), by smashing it on the table.

5. Baby Braeden

Twice was enough for this kid.