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Baby North West’s World Debut—Kanye Opens Up On Kris Jenner’s Talk Show

West talked about how he got caught up in being a rock-star.

On how he’s grown, he quipped that the last thing he’d want to happen to his daughter is a drunk black man in a leather suit interrupting her at an awards show.


He said that while he occasionally finds himself alone with his thoughts on an airplane, thinking about things he could have done differently and feeling the urge to call a publicist to try and fix something, that he is very fortunate, and anything that can be considered a mistake is something he can learn from and use to help him make better decisions going forward.

When the topic of Obama’s quote regarding how America is concerned with what Kim Kardashian wears, and where Kanye West visits (meant in a negative way), Kanye put a positive spin on it, remarking that “he basically just said we’re the new American dream!” Kanye realized it was intended to be a negative, but West said that this is just how people are responding to the new age of information. He thinks it’s great that people might be inspired to travel more because of them, because it opened up his mind and world-view so much. West lived in China for a period when he was younger, although his knowledge of Mandarin seems to have faded over the years.

He then went into more detail about his upbringing, retelling how his dad lived in a mostly white area, while his mom lived in a mostly black area in Chicago with gang violence, and how that affected his development as a person.

The talk progressed to a lighter topic–what it’s like living with the Kardashians!

“It’s interesting,” said West, who talked about his life before all of it; he was living in a super-minimalist bachelor’s apartment in New York City, and the transition took some getting used to. There’s always something going on–the non-stop noise took some adjustment for Kanye. Now, he tries to get home from work early each day to spend more time with his family. Kanye teared up as Kris expressed how happy she is that he’s part of her family.

Finally, they got to the topic of baby Nori.

They haven’t sold pictures to a magazine (despite one reported offer exceeding $5 million), and they thought it would be great if she had her debut on her grandmother’s talk show’s first season finale.

Of note, is that Kris’s show is being reviewed, and network executives are debating whether or not to renew it for a second season. The show has been met with a lot of criticism and failing ratings, so it seems as though this is one way to try and revive it.

Kim and Kanye are both completely obsessed with the baby, with Kim coming up with new things everyday to tell her mother like “mom, look at her ears today!”, with regards to the baby’s features resembling one parent or the other. This is a hot topic for Kim. And now, here she is; Baby North “Nori” West:


Isn’t she totally adorable? We’re not sure whose ears she has, though!

Full video of the Kanye West interview: