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Baby North West’s World Debut—Kanye Opens Up On Kris Jenner’s Talk Show

Baby North West was finally shown to the world today on the season finale of Kris Jenner’s talk show, Kris. After a fake-out during show’s debut earlier this year where Kris was shown carrying in an infant onto the set before passing the baby off to its non-Kardashian mother, Kris has finally delivered the first true picture of baby North West!

Kanye appeared alongside Kris today to talk about his life, his relationship, and his new experiences in fatherhood and how that has changed him.


Kanye discussed how both of his parental lines had artistic qualities, and he has combined both of their art styles in his own art and music. His father was a successful photographer who has photographed past presidents like Ronald Raegan, while he gets his sonic-art abilities from his mother’s side. He discussed how he puts forth an effort into the cover art for his albums because of his passion for visual art. Kanye himself was in art school since early childhood, and had a record deal on the table at age 19, along with multiple scholarships to art colleges.

Kanye talked about his idol Steve Jobs, and how much respect he has for him bringing art and innovation into the mainstream–making it more accessible, making it marketable, and revolutionizing the design aesthetics for the time.

Kris and Kanye addressed the discussion about him appearing on the Kris talk show.

Specifically about how it seems to not fit, because the two are of different “brands”. Kanye started to open up and said that the only brand that really matters to him is family, and his being on the show is about helping each other out. He pointed out how ridiculous the rumors that say he doesn’t like Kris are, as he lives with her and they are of the same family.

The discussion then shifted to his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Kim is apparently rubbing off on Kanye. He said he never really knew how to small-talk aout things like the weather before, or how to be warm & friendly, but he is learning from the Kardashians the importance of becoming nicer. He feels he’s becoming a better person for learning these things through Kim, who he is very passionate about.

In fact, even before baby North West, he was “photoshopping” himself into the Kardashian family Christmas picture alongside Kim. This actually meant he drew himself as a stick figure into the photo—later remarking that he’s not very good with Photoshop.


Kanye referenced Tom Cruise when he said he always “dreamed of being next to her,” and after struggling for more words, said “well, I don’t want to start jumping on the couch.”

The conversation then moved onto religion.

Kanye, who is a devout Christian, talked about his bracelet that Rob Kardashian gave to him which reads “what would Jesus do?” West said that that’s what’s on his mind lately. It’s important to him that he continues to grow and that he raises his new family with Christian values. He commented that he doesn’t understand why he keeps getting negative write-ups, and he just wants to help people.