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15 of Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Disasters—From Dialysis Chic to a Floor Mop

Kim Kardashian has a history of making daring fashion choices. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t—wearing underwear as outerwear almost always falls into the latter category for Kim. As does wearing skirts short enough to let your Spanx peak out when you walk. But we’re not going to dwell on those choices. Instead, we’ll take a look at some of Kim’s more interesting attempts at being innovative and fashion-forward.

1. The Mop Look

When in doubt, dress like a shiny floor mop! Kim Kardashian wore this to the Marchesa Spring 2013 Fashion show in New York which took place in the fall of 2012. This outfit just resulted in Kim looking like a Muppet version of the komondor dog breed. You know, the one that looks suspiciously like a mop?
Twins! The mop already adds so much noise, and to have the sparkly embellishments underneath just isn’t helping anyone. Maybe sans mop it would be an interesting choice; although, the hemming on the tulle by her wrists just looks wrong to me. At least her makeup and hair look nice, but they almost always do.

2. The Arm Slot Jacket

I don’t think this can be called “sleeveless,” that doesn’t do it justice. She wore this get-up to Vikram Chatwal’s (a hotel proprietor connected with Lindsay Lohan) 40th birthday in New York. The jacket makes her look too boxy and hides her curves. The shoulder-pads are awkward. And the glitzy vintage jumper underneath just makes the outfit look like something a Fembot from an Austin Powers movie would wear to an occasion requiring more than just a bikini.

3. The Floor-Length Maternity Floral

Way too much going on. She looks like my great grandmother’s tablecloth. The matching sleeve-glove things along with the turtleneck look just make this pattern horribly overbearing. On a positive note, I like that she shows some leg, and the heels might look cute with a different outfit. Kim wore this to the 2013 Met Gala, and was dressed by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. Tisci defended his choice, saying:

“To me, pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world, and when you celebrate something, you give people flowers. I think she looked amazing. She was the most beautiful pregnant woman I dressed in my career.”

I like Tisci. How can you not? He’s the guy who dressed Madonna for that very same event (with a punk-theme, mind you) in fishnets, chains, and added a crucifix dangling from her behind. Truly brilliant. And we’re glad he had a special time dressing her and doesn’t seem to mind the criticism. That said, it’s still a no.

4. Dialysis Chic

A pragmatic look for getting your blood flushed. It also kind of strikes me as inspired by a ready-to-wear recreation of Gem’s outfit from Tron: Legacy.

5. The Ostrich

I can’t even—what am I looking at? Trying to add things like plumage or hula skirts to cover up a baby bump is just going to draw more attention to it. It will also make you look like an ostrich in leather pants.