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Baby North West on Kris Jenner’s Talk Show: No Reveal–Clarifies Rumors


The highly-anticipated reveal of Baby North West still has yet to come. Today on Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner’s new talk show Kris, which debuted on FOX today at 11 a.m. EDT, Kim & Kanye’s daughter North (AKA Nori) was nowhere to be seen, but was a frequent topic of conversation. Kris teased viewers by carrying a baby belonging to a stylist who works on the show. At least grandmother Kris Jenner took some time to set the record straight on some of the common rumors (details on page 2) that have been spreading, and recounted the story of Kim’s trip the hospital while in labor.

Kris Jenner teases audience on new talk show that aired today.

Jenner said she’s leaving it up to Kim to reveal the baby how she wants, and is respecting her daughter’s privacy for as long as she wants it. It is still unknown whether or not pictures of North will be shown during one of this week’s episodes. Kris has been goading people to watch her show by not confirming or denying anything; she simply invites people to watch her show to find out. If no reveal comes this week, we wonder how this will affect her viewership. Seems like a kind of cheap way to boost her initial viewership to us. Both for her audience, and little North. But, also kind of an amusing prank! It seemed like even her daughters weren’t in on it.

The lead-up to the big reveal has had a lot of rumored controversy. It had been reported earlier that KimYe was considering selling photos of baby North to a magazine for an exclusive cover deal estimated to be worth $2 million, which the couple reportedly would donate to charity.

Kris interviewed by Matt Lauer–Is Kanye furious?

Kris Jenner was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today show last Monday to discuss her new talk show, and was questioned about her granddaughter. While on the show, Kris showed a picture of North West to Matt Lauer from her iPhone. As a result, it’s being widely reported that Kanye is furious with Kris Jenner. Here’s a throwback summary of some important background information:

Lauer had interviewed Kanye about the time when West called then-president George W. Bush racist for not handling Hurricane Katrina more acceptably–a claim which was and is echoed by millions of people. During the interview, Kanye was upset that they were playing footage of him interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMA’s earlier that year while he was trying to speak on the Bush event. Kanye also accused Today of trying to prompt his emotions by playing an interview with Bush in the studio.

Kanye later took to Twitter to vent his anger, and so it’s speculated that this is the reason why Kanye is angry and allegedly is not speaking with Kim’s mom, Kris. This did not come up on today’s Kris airing.

Kim Kardashian is rumored to be circulating fake baby pictures: Is she testing loyalties?

Another rumor that Kris did not weigh in on was regarding Kim Kardashian spreading fake photos of her baby North to test the loyalty of her close circle of friends, waiting to see which pop up in media outlets. Pretty clever, actually–especially if she gave a different photo to each friend. One of these is rumored to have actually been a picture of baby North. Thankfully, Kris did respond to the following rumors (continued on second page).