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15 of Kim Kardashian’s Relationships—From Power Rangers to Bodyguards

Models, singers, music producers, bodyguards, athletes, comedians, a Power Ranger, and celebrities-by-proxy, Kim Kardashian has dated an assortment of men over the years. From her teens to the present–we detail both her well-known & lesser-known relationships, flings, and flirtations.

T.J. Jackson

Kim Kardashian & T.J. Jackson

Kim Kardashian allegedly dated Michael Jackson’s nephew, T.J. Jackson as one of her very first adventures in the dating world during the ’90s. It is likely that the relationship lasted for multiple years and that she was dating Jackson when she was 14, which is when she went on birth control and lost her virginity, according to an interview on Oprah.

“We became extra close when my mom passed away. She dropped everything to be with me.” – T.J. Jackson, ’95 Interview with People Magazine 

Damon Thomas

Kim Kardashian & Damon Thomas

Kim’s first marriage was to music producer Damon Thomas; their marriage lasted from 2000 until 2004. They married when the starlet was only 19 years old in Las Vegas. Thomas was 30 at the time. The pair’s marriage was kept secret from the public and even Kim’s family. Their secret marriage ended in divorce.

Ray J

Kim Kardashian & Ray J

Kim dated singer Ray J around 2004, and it would go on to become one of Kardashian’s most infamous relationships. The pair met through the singer’s sister, Brandy, who had hired Kim as a stylist in response to being placed on a worst-dressed list.

Rumors started up that Kim had made a sex tape with Ray J–a rumor which she initially denied. The tape was leaked in 2007. In response, Kim sued Vivid Entertainment for the rights to the tape which they had purchased for an alleged $1 million. Kim then dropped the case and reached a $5 million settlement out of court. Months after the leak, Keeping Up with the Kardashians was born, and in December of 2007, Kim posed for Playboy while nude.

Nick Lachey

Kim Kardashian & Nick Lachey

Another of Kim’s more high-profile relationships, this one was short and casual. Kim and boy-band singer Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees were spotted holding hands after the singer had been divorced from Jessica Simpson for 6 months.

Although brief, their short-lived relationship created media buzz–something both Lachey and Kardashian have said helped to propel her to fame. Nick has stated he believes Kim herself had gathered paparazzi to catch the two together. We suspect it might have been her mom!