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The 13 Best Ever Fictional Sports—From Human Pinball to Light Cycling

Disc Wars (Tron)

Fictional Sports: Disc Wars (Tron)

Futuristic flashy suits, ricocheting air hockey-esque glowing discs, glass boxes that can shatter, and gravity that can reverse. Oh, and you die if you lose. Disc wars combines discus throwing, mixed martial arts, dodge ball, and technology to create a truly exhilarating game with matches played simultaneously until only the winner is left standing.

Real Life Space Invaders (Scrubs)

Fictional Sports: Real Life Space Invaders (Scrubs)

This involves a legion of underlings who will let you throw water balloons at them from a roof. Much like the classic arcade game, the underlings slowly advance towards you, with one of them spinning around in the back to serve as the mother ship. And then you pelt them with water balloons. Fun, right?

Flamingo Croquet (Alice in Wonderland)

Fictional Sports: Flamingo Croquet (Alice in Wonderland)

A creative take on croquet, you use a flamingo’s beak to whack a tiny pink hedgehog-creature through arches that are really just soldiers who bend over for you. On second thought, I don’t know what that furry little dude is; maybe a guinea pig? Well, whatever it is, I feel bad for it.