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11 Mouthwatering Desserts That You Need to Try

Molten Green Tea Lava Cake–Spot Dessert Bar, NYC

Molten Green Tea Lava Cake–Spot Dessert Bar, NYC

A dessert from Spot Dessert Bar in NYC’s East Village, it’s easy to see why their molten chocolate green tea lava cake is so popular. A warm, moist dark chocolate cake is dusted with matcha powder and served alongside green tea ice cream perched on a bed of walnut soil. Inside the cake is a luscious green tea ganache and plenty of warm fudgey goodness.

Yuzu Eskimo–Spot Dessert Bar, NYC

Yuzu Eskimo–Spot Dessert Bar, NYC

Pichet Ong is a culinary master, creating many intriguing desserts which balance the sweet, savory, and sour tastes. He’s been a creative force at many different restaurants, bakeries, and dessert bars, the yuzu eskimo coming from the latter.

Spot Dessert Bar in NYC’s East Village is home to many tasty desserts. Although Ong no longer works there, the yuzu eskimo is still featured on their menu, and is still delicious. Yuzu is an Eastern Asian citrus fruit that tastes almost like a fusion between mandarin oranges and grapefruit. The yuzu eskimo is comprised of a yuzu-flavored frozen cream bar with a chocolate-cookie crust, a fudgey chocolate ganache, chocolate pearls on oreo soil, fresh strawberries, and a raspberry foam. When you try it, make sure to take the time to get all of the elements on one spoonful!

Macarons–Loads of Locations!

French Macarons – Loads of Locations!

Macarons are not the same thing as the North American coconut macaroons. Macarons are a crisp, chewy, and versatile almond-meringue confection whose origin is debated among both Italian and French pastry chefs & historians. The modern macaron is made up of two small cookies sandwiched together with a flavored ganache, cream, or jam, and the cookies themselves are often brightly colored and flavored as well. They are delicious, and notoriously fussy to bake yourself.

Ladurée is a famous French pastry chain that is known as the home of some of the best macarons in the world. The Ladurée location in NYC on the Upper East Side has what are probably the best macarons in the U.S., although there are plenty of other shops that can contend for that title, and many of the better ones have the advantage of making them in-house and fresh, instead of being flown in from Paris daily. They are sold in many different flavors; granny smith apple, fleur de sel salted caramel, lavender-honey, rose, raspberry, yuzu, etc. They tend to run on the pricey side, but it’s worth trying many flavors!