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Amanda Bynes’s Ugly List–17 Celebrities Amanda Bynes Has Called Ugly

Amanda Bynes has been throwing around the word “ugly,” way too frequently for the past month on twitter. Even her own family isn’t safe from her twitter rampages. She seems to be going through a rough patch, and we hope she comes out of it okay. Check out all the celebs Amanda has allegedly stamped with ugly, only to take it back, delete the tweet, and compliment the same person shortly after.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron, shirtless; Amanda Bynes called him ugly.


Um, no. Try again, Amanda.


Drake; Amanda Bynes called him ugly.

Amanda went from asking Drake publicly on Twitter to destroy her, well, we’re sure you’ve heard by now, to picking at him like a twelve year old.



Rihanna; Amanda Bynes called her ugly.


Rihanna’s response was well done:

On a related note, the picture going around of Amanda & Rihanna posing together with the embedded tweet saying something like “me posing with a homeless fan in Africa,” is fake, and from the fake twitter “ArmandaBynes”. So there’s that.


Cher; Amanda Bynes called her ugly.

Like most of these tweets, this one has allegedly been deleted, but some records still remain:


Cher later apologized for throwing shade at Amanda. And it’s likely that she really didn’t know who Bynes was, as there was that Madonna incident that she referenced in her tweet (not knowing who Madonna was on twitter). She can be pretty oblivious.

Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs; Amanda Bynes called him ugly.