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13 Paula Deen Partnerships That Are No More

Paula Deen’s recent racism-allegation and associated discrimination court case against her and her brother have led to a huge P.R. crisis for the celebrity chef. Almost all of her big partnerships are terminating their agreements with Paula; Macy’s and Kohl’s are among the very few that are still waiting to make a decision and are continually monitoring “the situation.” On the flip side, her cruise-company partnership has added an extra date due to increased demand from fans trying to support her. She’s been invited onto The View on Monday; it is yet to be announced if she will come on the show or not. It will be interesting to see her sit down with a group of people, some of whom aren’t white.

Home Depot

Paula Deen

Home Depot previously sold Paula Deen kitchenware and cooking items through its website, but removed all of her self-branded items from their online store on Wednesday, June 26th.


Paula Deen

Target had been a big seller of Paula Deen’s cookware line, but said Thursday, June 27th that they will be phasing her brand out of its retail and online stores; when they sell-out, they will not restock their inventory. Bye-bye, butter warmer!


Paula Deen

Walmart announced on Wednesday that the retail powerhouse would drop all Paula Deen-branded items from its stores, and will not place new orders after stocks have sold out.

Caesars Entertainment

Paula Deen

The casino & restaurant owner will be dropping Paula Deen’s name from four buffets it owns, temporarily closing and re-opening them with new branding.