Bizzare Baby Names 13 Celebrities Have Given Their Children

North West

The most recent addition to the bizarre name club is baby North West (no middle name), the daughter of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West. The reasoning behind the name is because you can’t go further North than North. She is the high-point of their relationship, and their North star. That last part is kind of a cute reason. Her nickname will be Nori, like the Japanese seaweed-accompaniment to sushi.

Kimye, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Diva Muffin, Dweezil, & Moon Unit

Fullname: Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa, the daughter and youngest child of Gail & Frank Zappa. According to Frank, she was named Diva because she has a very loud voice. No explanation given for the “Thin Muffin Pigeen,” part. Two of her older siblings have the names “Dweezil,” and “Moon Unit.” Dweezil’s legal name was actually Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa when he was born because the hospital refused to register Dweezil. Dweezil found out when he was 5 that his legal name was not Dweezil, and he immediately insisted his legal name be changed to match his nickname. All of the Zappa kids still have their original names. Of them, only Moon Unit, who prefers to be called Moon, has voiced concerns over their 70’s-style upbringing.

Frank Zappa


Yes, Banjo, like the instrument. Australian film and television actress Rachel Griffiths who appeared on Brothers & Sisters, Six Feet Under, and Hilary and Jackie, and her husband, artist Andrew Taylor, named their son Banjo Patrick. Apparently not after the instrument, but after a famous Australian poet.

Rachel Griffiths


Nicolas Cage is known for being more than a little eccentric. Naming his son “Kal-El,” which is Superman’s Kryptonian birth name, definitely adds to that perception. A name like that is likely to put some pretty large expectations on Cage’s son, who will already be dealing with his father’s reputation and fame. Cage and his wife Alice Kim had their son back in 2005. The boy’s superpowers are currently unknown.

Nicholas Cage actually is crazy