Microsoft Reverses Decision, Xbox One Now Tops Bestseller List

XBox One Announcment, no need to phone homeTwo of the biggest issues consumers have expressed with the Xbox One are no longer problems; Microsoft has decided to backtrack.

The Xbox One will no longer require internet check-ins every 24 hours. There are no more used-game restrictions for reselling, trading, renting, loaning, or gifting games, just like the Xbox 360. The console will no longer be region-locked. But the price ($499) is here to stay.

In addition to these announcements, Microsoft will also be doing away with their system of sharing games with up to 10 people. It’s interesting that Microsoft went from trying to force the “new” model on consumers to completely eliminating it. I think it would have been better if they used this generation of consoles to ease people into the idea of a digital transition like many other industries have done. So, having some of those digital features still being enabled, while also not having restrictions unless you choose to use some of them. Let’s be honest, being able to share games with your friends across the country is a pretty neat idea. The cost to consumer choice did not make up for that though, and the internet has won in the Xbox One war.

Within a day of this announcement, the Xbox One has shot up to the number one spot on Amazon’s Video Game Bestseller list. Granted, there are four different PlayStation 4 packages in the top 10, but the PS4 had previously been topping the Xbox One on the list.


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