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The 14 Most Intense & Terrifying Online Fan Bases in Music

One Direction (Directioners)

One Direction makes their young fans crazy, and are awfully reminiscent of Hanson fans from the ’90’s. They cry, they scream, and they threaten Taylor Swift when she breaks up with one of the band’s members.

Followed on Twitter: 11,485,242 fans
Liked on Facebook: 15,043,290 fans

Demi Lovato (Lovatics)

Demi’s Lovatics have been extremely supportive of her through her breakdown and struggle with anorexia/self-harm. They really seem to look out for her, and if a comedian like Kathy Griffin makes a distasteful joke about her, her fans come to the rescue.

Followed on Twitter:  13,479,010 fans
Liked on Facebook:  18,608,017 fans

Drake (Team Drizzy)

Team Drizzy is huge. They back him up when he’s on tour, releases new music, or gets into feuds with other artists. Some of them go to extremes to show their support.

Followed on Twitter: 10,917,708 fans
Liked on Facebook: 28,675,583 fans

Miley Cyrus (Smilers)

The Smilers support Miley, and she shows them plenty of love in return. They’ve stuck with her from the Disney Channel days to the Twerking Punk Rocker. Oh, and there’s that 40 year old British guy who is covered in Miley Cyrus themed tattoos, including a portrait of her face on his bicep. Mega creepy, but enthusiastic!

Followed on Twitter: 11,837,739 fans
Liked on Facebook: 25,904,162 fans