12 Trendy Summer Hairstyles for Women In 2013

Angled Bob Cut

The angled bob, also known as the wedge cut, is typically worn by younger women, but works great for all ages. Usually worn with the bangs pushed off to the side while the the back of the hair is shorter. Looks best when hair is straight and when used to highlight high cheekbones.

Layered with Angled Side Part, Medium Long Length (the classic Jennifer Aniston)

Jennifer Aniston’s classic hair-do does not go out of style. Flattering on a variety of face shapes, this layered cut is great for women from their twenties to 50’s. It’s a well put together look that manages to look casual, light, and free. Also, the stylist who created her classic locks apparently admitted he was high while doing so. Mind-expander, all right.

Long Straight Cut with Bangs

Another classic style, you could also do this without bangs. If you do wear it with bangs, make sure not to cover up your eye makeup too much! Make sure to keep it healthy while you wear this look; deep conditioning needs to be done to keep it shiny and feeling silky smooth.

Long & Wavy Style

This adaptable style is great for a lot of face sizes. It keeps you looking flirty and fun. The hair doesn’t collect in one spot, and instead naturally falls into place. With all of the pin-straight looks being worn, this is a great way to differentiate your look.