10 Most Gorgeous Tree Tunnels On Earth

10. Yew Tree Tunnel, UK

Aberglasney House in Western Wales

The Aberglasney House in Western Wales is home to one of the most beautiful gardens. Believed to have been planted sometime during the 1700’s, it was left neglected in recent times. However, it has been restored to its previous arching glory. It’s a popular tourist destination for those visiting the UK.

9. Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, Brasil

Rosewood trees line Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, one of the most beautiful streets in the world. The trees span over three blocks. When a shopping mall was planned to be built and interfere with the tree tunnel, residents came together to protect their city’s forest road. It is now designated as environmental heritage by the city. The trees provide plenty of shade and clean oxygen for the residents, in addition to being incredibly awesome.

8. Autumn Tree Tunnel, USA

This fabulous tree tunnel is located in the Vermont State Park, Smuggler’s Notch. As fall approaches, it transforms into one of the most beautiful autumn scenes in the world. Vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows line the passage overhead, and fallen leaves crinkle beneath your feet (or tires). If you catch it as it’s changing colors, you can drive from south to north and see it change from green to the vibrant colors of fall.

7. Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan

You can see these gorgeous trees all around Tokyo. They are a precious tree in Japan, where it is known as ‘the bearer of hope.’ It is said that six of them survived the bombing of Hiroshima and then continued to grow. They symbolize hope for the Japanese. This tree tunnel is located in the Meiji Shrine.

6. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This tunnel is actually 2 miles of private railway. It’s located near Klevan in Western Ukraine. When visiting, be very careful to not get hit by the train that passes through it up to three times per day. Make a wish, and if your love is true, it is said that it will come true! To find it, type “50.750726, 26.045555″ into Google maps (which are the coordinates) or “Tunnel of Love, Klevan’, Рівненська область, Ukraine” and you should see it being noted on the map.