18 Celebrities with Unexpected, Adorable, and Bizarre Pets—Lions and Alpacas

George Clooney & The Pot-bellied Pig

Many people would love to sleep with George Clooney, but that honor for 18 years went to his beloved pet pot-bellied pig, Max. He started off as a tiny little guy, but grew to be over three hundred pounds! George built him his own little place close to the main house, but Max frequently slept with the ER heartthrob. Sadly Max is no longer with us, and George has been known to tear up when recalling their moments together.

David Beckham’s Micro Pigs

Another heartthrob with a thing for pigs, David Beckham was given these cute little guys for Christmas by his wife, Victoria (AKA Posh Spice). They set her back about £1,400. The pigs are named after their friends, husbands Elton John & David Furnish, and are expected to grow to be just over a foot tall.

Kristen Stewart’s Wolf-Dogs

Kristin Stewart is apparently on Team Jacob. Stewart’s mother raises wolf-dog hybrids. She loves them, and told David Letterman that they might look scary, but they’re actually very gentle and sweet. She cuddles with them when she visits. One that she is particularly close to, Jack, falls over at her feet when she comes home. Adorable!

Nicolas Cage’s King Cobras

Nicolas cage reportedly spent a large sum of money on two rare albino king cobras, one of which is named Sheba. He claims that one of them hates him; when he would come to feed her, she would turn her back to him and move from side to side. He said she was trying to hypnotize him, like prey, and took this as inspiration for one of his film roles. Unfortunately for Cage, Cobras do not actually hypnotize. This is a commonly held, yet mistaken, belief. Prey freeze in front of cobras just from fear; not from being hypnotized. And despite being one of the most dangerous reptiles, they prefer to turn and flee when a possible threat approaches.

Tori Spelling’s Chicken

Meet Coco Chanel. No, no, not the fashion designer; the chicken. Tori brings her exceptionally fluffy pet chicken, Coco, around town as she shops, runs errands, or attends award shows. In fact, when they attended the GLAAD awards together, they wore matching dresses!