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14 Celebrities Who Suck At Tipping

LeBron James

LeBron allegedly kept a steakhouse in Ohio stay open past 3 in the morning while chowing on some steaks. He had a $800 bill and left 10 bucks. Nice.

Mariah Carey

Mariah allegedly had a restaurant stay open late while dining with many people. They ran up a high bill and according to the New York Post, were demanding and no one left a tip.


Allegedly, Usher has a reputation for getting the people he’s with to cover the bill for him. Failing at that, he has left his autograph in place of a tip. In case you’re wondering, a simple e-bay search of “Usher autograph,” shows how common and practically worthless that is, especially if he’s leaving it on plain paper or card stock.

Barbra Streisand

Oh Babs, such a funny girl. When cheap celebrity tippers are brought up, she gets mentioned frequently. She allegedly once ran up a $450 bill and tipped ten dollars. She’s also been called a rude and demanding customer. Diva!

Tiger Woods

Another notorious under-tipper, Woods allegedly refused to tip one day while dining, and his companion had to pick it up. Woods might have an excuse: he never carries cash. Granted, in the times of plastic as currency, there’s almost always a slot for the tip. In addition, Tiger allegedly took back a $5 tip he left on a table meant for a waitress after realizing he had already tipped her earlier in the night, all while playing a $10,000 hand of blackjack.