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14 Celebrities Who Suck At Tipping

Kirsten Dunst

It seems the Spiderman star allegedly has a habit of not tipping. When a Hollywood waitress’s manager covered Kirsten’s meal, she didn’t leave a tip. Another source reported that she once failed to tip on a bill of over $200.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

One anonymous waiter reports that the Rock requested a steak house to open early. When he was finished dining, he left them a seven dollar tip. Seems pretty cheap to us.

Mick Jagger

For someone with a net worth of around $225 million, he certainly doesn’t tip like it. While dining at an Italian restaurant, he allegedly left a $10 tip on a $90 bill, and did not leave any tip during prior visits to the restaurant.


There have been many people reporting that Madonna is a notorious under-tipper. While eating with her husband at the time, Guy Ritchie, they ate up a $400 bill and left a $18 tip (4.5%). A waitress in New York City was reported to have claimed that she didn’t tip at all when Madonna ate at one restaurant.

Bill Cosby

Playing the role of your annoying penny-pinching grandpa in the real world, Bill Cosby has allegedly stiffed many a waitstaff. According to a waiter, he once left a three dollar tip on a $375 bill, which is 0.8%. A bellhop reports that he once arrived at a hotel with 6 big bags, and tipped him 2 quarters. Thanks, Grandpa.