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14 Celebrities Who Tip Seriously Well

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is no stranger to criticism, but it’s not often that she’s criticized about her generosity. She tips wait staff, valets, manicurists, drivers, and hair dressers well and is always appreciative and polite. Some people are surprised by this, but she always seems to appear rather nice and respectful. Granted, the only exposure this writer has is when she took Kathy Griffin shopping on Kathy’s reality show. But it seems the heiress and businesswoman has class.

Dan Aykroyd

According to one waitress, this Ghostbuster allegedly has a rule where he either leaves a hundred dollar tip, or a 50% tip, choosing to go with whichever is the larger of the two.


According to TMZ, when Rihanna racked up an eighty dollar bill, she asked the waiter about his biggest tip. He replied that he had once received $100. She then gave him a $200 tip and told him that she was now his biggest tip. Score for him!

Jessica Simpson

While dining at a New York restaurant with 4 others, Jessica ran a $500 bill and left a $300 tip to her waitress along with a really sweet note telling her that she was amazing and makes the world a better place. Aww.

Barack Obama

President Obama apparently left a twenty dollar bill for a 2 dollar beer, instructing the bartender to keep the change (according to TMZ). While this is a relatively small amount of money, that’s a 900% tip. This earns Mr. President a spot on our list!

Bill Murray

According to one waiter, Bill Murray not only tipped $72 on a $60 dollar bill, but gave him some tips on how to make lemons juicier by rolling them to break up the pulp. The waiter described himself as a foodie and was appreciative of the advice, so Bill’s cool in our book!

Drew Barrymore

According to Ana Ortiz who plays Hilda Suarez on Ugly Betty and was also a bartender before her acting break, Drew Barrymore is a very generous diner. Both times that Ortiz waited on her, Barrymore tipped 100%. Keep on showing love to the waitstaff, Drew!

Hulk Hogan

The Hulk joins the list of generous celebrities. In addition to leaving $200 for a $120 bill at a restaurant in South Florida, he was also happy to take pictures and sign autographs for the staff when he finished his meal. If you serve him, it’s probably best not to bring up the sex tape incident.

Russell Crowe

While there was that whole allegedly throwing a phone at a hotel concierge incident, it seems like that might not be the norm for the Gladiator star. He tipped the wait staff of a small pub in South Wales £600, in addition to signing autographs and playing his guitar for them. Maybe the tip had something to do with his musical performance.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey is well known for his tipping habits. He once left a four hundred dollar tip for a $250 steakhouse meal. Makes it easy to imagine why waitstaff trip over themselves to serve him.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen is no stranger to controversy (like the time he tried to get fans to smear dog poop at a private school where his daughter was bullied), but he treats his waitstaff with respect and kindness. When his daughter had her sweet sixteen, he tipped everyone working at it an extra 200 each. Not bad! Not entirely related, but he also paid $100k of Lindsay Lohan’s tax debt.

David Beckham

Joining the president in the 900% tipper club is none other than the Becks. Only he did it for a one hundred dollar bill—leaving $900 as a tip!


Jay-Z reportedly spent $250,000 on champagne as part of a celebration, and left $50,000 as a tip. Standard 20%, but we don’t think $250k on champagne constitutes “standard.”

Johnny Depp


While filming in Chicago, Johnny Depp befriended a steakhouse waiter. When he later returned to Chicago for the premiere, he left $4,000 on top of a $4,400 bill! Damn, Johnny!

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