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10 Wild Lady Gaga Shoes

Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric avant-garde fashion choices. We put together a short list of some of her crazier shoes that were paired with her jaw-dropping outfits.

10. Alexander McQueen’s Alien shoes


The late fashion genius Alexander McQueen had a talent not only for clothes, but for putting Lady Gaga in the most fantastical of outfits. These shoes are just one of his many creations that Gaga rocked.

9. Bad Romance Toothpaste Shoes

Lady Gaga used these shoes for her Bad Romance video. Another Alexander McQueen design for the Lady Gaga. These heels look like they were squeezed out of a Colgate tube and sculpted into a marble masterpiece. They go great with the whole otherworldly big-eyed doll thing she has going, don’t you think?

8. Horse Shoes

A subdued look for Gaga, these horseshoe-esque heels certainly give her some height. She has been seen trotting around in many variations of these. It’s weird how sleek these horse shoes look on her.

7. Snakeskin Print

What would a crazy shoe list be without something that resembles living reptiles? Indiana Jones meets Fashion Week, or something.

6. Giant Ballet Shoes or Tiny Ballet Skyscrapers?

These beauties are from Gaga’s Marry The Night video. Pretty sure these are in a class other than just “shoes.”