10 of the Most Alien Looking Places on Earth

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

This continuously flaming crater is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan that’s been ablaze since the early 70’s. Identified as an area rich in natural gas deposits by Soviet scientists, the crater collapsed along with some of their drilling equipment. This posed a hazard as methane was being released, and it was lit to prevent it from causing problems for the locals or contributing to climate change. Originally expected to burn for just a few days, it has been burning for over 40 years. Oops.

Wave Rock, Western Australia

Wave rock in Australia is the rock version of a tidal wave solidified in time. It’s about 50 feet high and 350 feet long. The colors appear to change throughout the day, and it can be a stunning amber during sunset. The shape of the wave has been sculpted by years of erosion. While visiting, make sure not to be like that one drunk guy who tried to climb it during the filming of Next Top Model. Or do exactly that, if that’s your thing. Wear a helmet!

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

While it still isn’t clear exactly how this was created, it’s some sort of igneous intrusion. It’s possible that it is a volcanic plug; meaning magma hardened in the vent of a past volcano & the exterior of the volcano eroded away, leaving the more durable cooled magma behind. Pieces of it keep falling off, so it is also likely that is was once wider than it is now.